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Greenroof Benefits

Green Roofs Offer Several Benefits:
  • Improved Property Value – Planted roof areas increase the ‘permeable to hard-stand’ ratio on building sites and allow the creation of usable corporate, commercial, residental and recreational roof gardens and terrace areas.
  • Improved Environment – plant species minimize greenhouse gas emissions, pollutants are adsorbed into the plants and plant species provide a habitat for a diverse range of fauna
  • Reduced Energy Costs – radiation is minimised and growth media insulation ensures cooler buildings in the summer and warmer buildings in winter
  • Reduced Maintenance – roofing materials and waterproofing membranes are protected against UV degradation, hail, storm conditions and damage by air borne polutants 
  • Better Sound Protection – inter level noise transfer is minimised
  • Water retention – precipitation is retained on site reducing run-off to storm water systems.

Greenroof Advantages:
  • Establish an extensive green roof in short lead time
  • Modular, lightweight and portable
  • Pre-planting in nursery environment
  • Fast installation
  • Drainage system independent of trays
  • Quick discharge of excess water
  • Easy plug-in assembly to drainage system
  • Tray replacements do not affect drainage system
  • Watertight drainage pipe and connector joints
  • Non-clogging of reservoir and drainage channels
  • Effective rodent barrier
  • Spill-proof placement of planting media
  • Capillary wicks facilitate use of stored water
  • Optional securing of trays to substrate
  • Easily dismantled, stored offsite and re-assembled
  • Made from recycled materials
  • Supports Green Building Certification