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Who We are

Modula' Greenwalls are based in Melbourne, Victoria Australia.

A dedicated team of people with a vast array of different skills from various trade backgrounds. Horticulture, structural landscaping, structural steel fabrication and logistics, all coming together to produce the only all inclusive, bespoke, turn key vertical garden system on the market in Australia.

Heading up our dedicated team is Troy Danns, owner of Modula' Greenwalls. With a growing passion for greening our urban environment, Troy Danns has 21 yrs of horticultural, landscape design and construction experience.

What we do

We provide a full bespoke design, manufacture, horticultural, install and maintenance service for Corporate, Commercial, Residental, Hospitality and Urban Farming clients.

We also manufacture and supply flat pack urban farming kits for the home owner and also have a range of vertical gardens for short or long term hire for corporate events. Our range of greenwalls can also be custom made for onsite restaurant and cafe fresh produce production.

We can contract grow plants for our vertical gardens and greenroofs in our own nursery, short and long term growing, dependant on your requirements. We produce our own growing media, Coir based with other natural, sustainable elements ensuring a lush, full healthy vertical garden or greenroof. 

Modula' Greenwalls has proudly designed, built and installed off plan and bespoke Greenwalls and Greenroofs for a multitude of major Australian Commercial builders, Corporate companies, internationally recognised architectural design firms and Monash University.

Modula' Greenwalls have full WHS compliance certified through ASSA, ensuring a smooth transition onto any size project or construction site. Our various greenwall and greenroof components are flame rated and Green VOC certified.

Our Clientele

Corporate -

Design, manufacture, install and maintain
Internal and external vertical gardens
Office partitions with built in white boards, information boards to back of greenwall/s
Fixed or mobile/free standing vertical gardens for office's (movable)
Foyer entry Vertical Gardens
Foyer entry Mosswall's, office partions
Short and long term hire for corporate events/shows or purchase outright

Commercial -

Design, manufacture, install and maintain
Internal and external vertical gardens
Greenroof systems to any size
Mosswall's to any size
Fixed or mobile/free standing vertical gardens
Free standing Greenwalls with inbuilt chalk  / advertisement boards to back of Greenwalls and Mosswall's for restaurants and cafe's
Hospitality / kitchen greenwalls for cafe's and restaurants, fresh produce grown in house by you! re-stocked by us as required.
Residential -

Design, manufacture, install and maintain
Internal and external vertical gardens
Greenroof systems to any size
Mosswall features
Fixed or free standing greenwalls
Urban farming systems.

DIY Reseller -

Our standard range of off the shelf  "turn key" vertical garden systems can be supplied to select landscapers, builders, designers and retail outlets, for third party installation. Please contact use to see if you qualify.

Our range of Modula' quick panel systems and individual components are suitable for an instant vertical garden for the diy homeowner. With full installation instructions you'll have a vertical garden in no time!