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Greenwall Benefits

Benefits of Vertical Gardens
Unlike traditional greenwalls, our walls have the option of a built in water holding tank, all irrigated water filters through the system, feeding the plants with nutrients on every cycle and returning the irrigated water and suspended nutrients to our holding tanks instead of going straight to waste. 

Our walls use on average 80% less water per irrigation cycle than most other system on the market when holding tanks are installed. 
More traditional greewalls need a quarterly fertilisation dose to keep the plants healthy and thriving. 
With the option of an inbuilt fertigation system, along with our irrigated water recycling tank, the manual fertilisation requirments of the greenwall is greatly reduced.

Modula' Greenwalls have the additional benefit of inbuilt automatic system control, with an inbuilt wifi irrigation controller that can be accessed remotely via an app from anywhere in the world. Water usage, flow rates, cycle times can all be accessed on your smart phone, laptop or pc. Sms, email alert capabilities and auto system shutdown are also available for leak detection for sensitive installs. Our walls are also compatible with most building automation systems.

Vertical gardens are living, breathing works of art. Each and every vertical garden we build are unique, size, form, texture and foliage. We design our greenwalls to blend into, compliment and evolve into there surroundings.

Health and wellness

Buildings that feature and promote access to vegetation have been documented as having a greater positive human health impact than those without. Studies have shown that visual access to natural settings leads to increased job satisfaction and productivity and post-operative recovery rates in medical facilities.

Indoor Air Quality

Air that has been circulated throughout a building with a strategically placed green wall (such as near an air intake valve) will be cleaner than that on an uncovered building. The presence of vegetation indoors will have the same effect. This processes remove airborne pollutants such as toluene, ethyl benzene, xylene, and other volatile organic compounds.


The vegetated surface provided by strategic urban greenery such as green walls and roofs will block high frequency sounds, and when constructed with a substrate or growing medium support can also block low-frequency noises.

Save Floor Space

On average our vertical gardens are only 200mm wide, with such a small footprint adding a vertical garden to your living space, corporate office or commercial and hospitality setting doesnt have to cost you precious floor space!

Urban Heat Island Effect

With strategic placement of green walls, plants can create enough turbulence to break vertical airflow, which slows and cools down the air and reduces the urban heat island effect.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Green walls can help lower the air temperature around intake valves, which means HVAC units will require less energy to cool air before being circulated around a building.

Building Structure Protection

Green walls provide an additional layer of exterior insulation and thereby limit thermal fluctuations. Green walls protect exterior finishes and masonry from UV radiation and rain. They can also increase the seal or air tightness of doors, windows, and cladding by decreasing the effect of wind pressure.