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Mosswall® BENEFITS A beautiful product and lets looks at the benefits that it can offer you!

Mosswall® is 100% zero maintenance.

Due to the organic preservation process, the moss does not require maintenance of any kind. The only requirement is an indicative relative humidity of 40% to 60%, which is the suggested average humidity level for human well being.

Fire Rating.

Fully Fire Rating as standard to BS-2 d0 European Union or in simple terms Class 0. Highly important for a commercial space.

Air Purification.

Mosswall® panels can absorb toxins from the air, promoting our health and the calm and relaxed atmosphere of a quiet green field can be experienced.

Acoustic absorbency.

With MOSSwall®, you can reduce the stress from noise pollution, a significant level of natural sound control has been proven. The system has been fully tested and certified in accordance with UNI EN ISO 354:2003 and UNI EN ISO 11654:1998 that certify MW operates at around 35% absorption.


The moss also undergoes anti-static treatment meaning that dust and grime cannot settle on to the moss, meaning 100% zero maintenance.

Easy installation.

It can either be installed directly to a flat surface or if there is a need to integrate cables and services, a fixing system of metal profiles or tracks that allow for this, can be provided.


We can provide a bespoke system with a unique design for you. This could include the use of specific colors applied in a particular way or include your corporate image. Although the standard system contains trays measuring 60 x 40 cm, we can provide a fully bespoke option that allows unique sizing and shaping to fulfill your design criteria.
Shapes from a curve, a wave, a circle, can be created, you tell us what you want and we will design a system that suits.

Exceptional color variety.

The standard colors are Mint and Wasabi, however, the color palette of 22 colors to choose from provides a stunning array of options and the process of colouring is 100% Eco friendly.

Sustainably sourced.

The moss is 100% natural with controlled picking provided. The process of colouring is 100% Eco friendly.