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The ultimate synergy of nature and design.

MOSSwall® is hand crafted in Italy and created from a natural lichen orginating from Scandinavia. All of our Mosswall range is hand Made in Italy and directly imported into Australia.

MOSSwall® can be installed on almost any indoor surface using Flexy Moss panels or alternitavly using the patented, pre-made metal panel and fixing system.
Bespoke corporate signage, unique interior design, sound control, light solutions, furniture, or simply to bring nature indoors. 

MOSSwall® is a 100% sustainably harvested, only organic preservatives and colour pigments are used.

MOSSwall® has many unique features but perhaps the most important is that it is almost maintenance free and is the ultimate synergy of nature and design.

MOSSwall® is not just a beautiful product it also has an important function of acoustic absorbency, so high levels of reverberation or echo can be efficiently controlled.