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Greenwall Features

Our vertical gardens are a revolutionary automated modular system suitable for indoors or outdoors, giving full coverage from day one when utilising our pre-planted modules. Our plant modules and DIY holding tanks are manufactured from recycled plastics reducing our direct impact on the enviroment. The vast array of plants we use remove pollutants (VOC'S) from the air we all breath, convert carbon dioxide into oxygen and absorb radiant heat.
Modular System

Our hardware is designed to be packed flat, ensuring easy shipping. Plants are planted off-site in a clean environment, and the pots are then sent to the site for installation. The pots clip in and out with a very simple connector, giving complete design flexibility in an instant.

Unique Hexagon Pots

Our unique hexagonal pot shape allows for very compact planting and precision vertical reticulation. The vertical rails are made from aluminum with individual pot clip sockets to simplify installation, maintenance and vertical alignment. Pot design allows each plant to be potted and grown off site to maturity weeks prior which delivers a fully flushed green wall for the client at installation.

Automated System

Our basic system is controlled by a 24v dc pump and a drip-irrigation system. The water is collected in the tanks and redistributed throughout the vertical garden. For a more automated system we use wifi based controllers with flow meters, leak detection and automatic fertilisation, all controlled via an app. on your smart phone.

Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor

Our system is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Light, environment and weight must be considered when we design and manufacture our vertical garden systems.

Full Coverage from Day One

Pre-growing plant stock in our nursery ensures your wall will look lush and full from installation day.

Improved Sustainability and Reduced Maintenance

Our vertical gardens are Coir based, which is sustainably sourced. Our custom made growing media can store water and nutrients for a longer period of time, ensuring the longevity of the plants should there be any system failures. Irrigated water can be recycled through the system to produce a 100% water recycling target. Our modules and tanks are made from recycled plastics.